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2018 Kindy Information Book

Parent Information Book 2018

Principal: Miss Natalie Mayho
Telephone: 9337 7544

Welcome to Kardinya Kindergarten
The purpose of this handbook is to help you become acquainted with the day to day running of the centre and to provide you with some information about what to expect as your child begins


The Kindergarten day commences at 8.50, we ask that you please have your child at Kindy by 8.35am and finishes at 3.00pm. The attendance days for Kindergarten are:

Blue Group – Monday and Wednesday and alternate Fridays
Green Group – Tuesday and Thursday and alternate Fridays

Week One – Blue Group will attend Wednesday 31 January 2018 and Friday 2 February 2018
Week One – Green Group will attend Thursday 1 February 2018

Week Two Blue Group will attend Monday and Wednesday
Week Two Green Group will attend Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.



The Kindergarten programme is developed using the Early Years Learning Frameworks, The Kindergarten Guidelines and the West Australian Curriculum.

In a carefully planned learning environment, your child will experience many different learning activities.

These include cutting, painting, gluing, drawing, dressing up, sand play, climbing, storytelling, singing, dancing, programming, exploring and social activities such as making new friends.

The social and emotional development of your child is a very important part of planned learning. Your children will participate in planned activities which encourage involvement so they become
successful learners, team players, good problem solvers and creative thinkers who enjoy challenges.

Another focus in Kindergarten is on language and literacy. Your child develops an early understanding of letters, sounds and rhyming words; as well as how pictures can tell stories, how
written words can be read, and how spoken sounds can be written down.

Learning about maths and numeracy is also a key part of Kindergarten. Your child learns about numbers and shapes, counting, measuring and the many different ways maths is used in our daily

Learning programs will be targeted to meet children’s individual needs.


The children receive a summative report at the end of each semester detailing skills and concepts development.


On the first day of Kindy parents are invited to stay. On the following days if your child is happy to say goodbye after a while then please encourage them to do so. Our aim is to have children
saying goodbye to parents and caregivers at the door and coming in and doing an activity. However we do not expect this to happen immediately and we realise that some children may need parent reassurance for a while.


The children have already been provided with a personal use items or ‘booklist’ where items are purchased through the school/Campion system. If you had chosen not to participate in this
scheme, you will still need to purchase the necessary items for your child elsewhere. Copies of the ‘booklist’ are available from the office if you need one.


Each day your child will need:

  • Fruit for morning snack. Please make sure whatever you provide is manageable for your child and placed in the front pocket of their school bag.
  • Water bottle filled with water only and one your child is able to use easily.
  • Hat – broad brimmed are the best. PLEASE MAKE SURE IT HAS YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON IT
  • Spare set of clothes in case of accident
  • Large backpack or schoolbag. Don’t forget it needs to hold a change of clothes, lunch, drink bottle and hat.
  • Crunch and Sip snack (As our lunch time is 1.10pm the children need an extra snack eg celery sticks, apple, sultanas to have between fruit and lunch).
  • Lunch


The children will be supervised during the eating of their lunch, and are required to eat their healthy food (for example a sandwich, sushi) first then their treat (biscuit, yogurt). The children will
not be dismissed from the lunch eating area to play until their main part of lunch is eaten.


At present we have children with serious nut allergies. We ask for the health and safety of these children that parents do not send foods containing nuts for their own child to eat at Kindy if
possible- ie: no peanut paste or Nutella sandwiches thanks.


Arriving on time and collecting children promptly will help your child feel more secure. Children arriving late to Kindy disrupt the other children and the learning session. We ask that you please
have your child at Kindy by 8.35am. If your child arrives to class after 8.50am you will be required to go to the office and ask for a late note which you take to the classroom teacher. The program will commence at 8.50am. It is also very unsettling for a child if you are often late to collect them – they begin to worry if Mum really is coming back!

We ask that you wait outside the Kindy with your child until the session begins. Our duty of care begins when you hand your child to us. The children are asked not to climb the trees or play on
the equipment while they are waiting. Also, children must not be dropped off in any of the car parks and left to walk in alone. At the end of the day the children wait inside the centre until we dismiss them to their parents. If someone other than a parent will be collecting your child you are asked to inform the staff. We have a notebook at the front of the room for you to enter these
arrangements. Please tell the other person to identify themselves to the staff. Children leaving Kindy during school hours must be signed out through the front office.


Please dress your child in school uniform. The school uniform may be purchased on Tuesday mornings from the Uniform Shop next to the canteen.

All children must wear shoes to school. Please ensure they are not slippery soled as they can make climbing dangerous.
All children require a hat. Remember, NO HAT/NO PLAY. Children without a hat will remain under cover.



Parent volunteers are an integral part of the Kindergarten program. We require your assistance from 8:35am-12.00pm. We run an activity-based program and you will be asked to assist with
different activities. Coming on roster provides parents with the opportunity to observe their child in the kindy environment and to share experiences with them. It means an extra pair of hands to
help those in need of assistance and an extra ear for those in need of attention. This is an opportunity for you to interact with your child. They are the ‘special child’ that day and will look forward to the time they can share with you.

Therefore, we request that toddlers or babies do not attend on your roster day. Please make arrangements for a relative or friend to care for your younger children for this time. Anyone who assists on roster/excursions is now required by the Department of Education and Training to complete a Confidential Declaration form for visitors in schools.


Every week we will have a bag of laundry – aprons, tea towels, hand towels etc that need washing. We will ask each family in turn if these can be laundered and returned at the beginning
of the following week.


Birthdays are special events in a child’s life. If your child is celebrating a birthday and you would like to send in little birthday cakes please do. If your child has food allergies that prevent them
sharing the other children’s cakes please provide us with something we can store in the freezer, fridge etc, so that your child may feel part of the celebration.

Keep in touch with the teachers on matters concerning your child’s health and well being. Often a change in routine at home, Dad or Mum in hospital, sickness in the family, one parent away etc,
may cause an unhappy child. You are required to advise the school on the day if your child will not be attending this can be done by phoning the school office on 9337 7544 or emailing if this is not done before 10am on the day and your child is recorded as having an unexplained absence you will receive a text message advising you to explain the absence. We would appreciate being informed if your child has an infectious disease. Please don’t send your child if they have been vomiting in the previous 24 hours.

Please DO NOT send an unwell child to kindy, even though they may plead with you to let them come. Not only will they infect the other children, but also they become very tired very quickly and are often unable to cope with the demands of the day making kindy an unpleasant experience. Please be firm and say “no!” until they are well.

Minor injuries during the day are normally attended to at school. In more serious emergencies every endeavour is made to contact a parent to arrange for the child to be collected from school.
In extreme emergencies the child may be taken directly to a doctor or hospital before the parents can be contacted. Please ensure we have all your current telephone numbers, including mobile numbers, and that your emergency contact person is known to your child and that they are aware we may need to call on them to collect a sick child.

If you wish to encourage your child’s attempts at writing, could you please use the correct form of lower case writing and have them use the correct pencil grip. At Kardinya we are using the
Victorian Modern Cursive writing style. Please refer to the enclosed card/strip of letters contained in your pack.

It is important to provide opportunities for children to develop hand/eye co-ordination and fine motor (small muscle) control, for hand writing skills to develop. This is why activities such as
playdough, drawing, painting, cutting and tracing are important. It is also important to praise any attempt children make at writing in order for them to develop confidence. Attempts can be anything from scribble to actual letter formation.

It is important to encourage good posture when writing and also to ensure the child’s comfort- perhaps by sloping the paper to an appropriate angle. This is of great importance to lefthanders. Kindergarten children are still experimenting with handedness- encourage them to use the hand they feel comfortable with. Pencil hold is extremely important whether using pencils, crayons or brushes. Bad habits are hard to change- even at this young age.

Parents are urged to see or contact their class teacher on Ph: 9337 7544 about any matter they wish to discuss. However, please remember that during session hours our first duty is to the
children. Appointments for interviews can be arranged.


We hope that you and your child have a

happy and rewarding year at Kardinya Primary School