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Enrolment Information

Application for Enrolment

Parents are required to complete an Application for Enrolment form for their child before starting at school.  Once the Application for Enrolment form has been completed, approved and a place confirmed then an Enrolment Form can be completed. Please note that documentary evidence such as students birth certificate, immunisation records and proof of address are required.

In order that parents may be contacted readily, please ensure the school retains up-to-date information by notifying the school office of any change of address, telephone number, email address, health details or other relevant information.

The Department’s Enrolment Policy can be found at

Enrolment Application Form May 20

Department of Education Information Booklets

Information booklets for Hello Pre-Primary! can be found here.  Information booklets for Hello Kindergarten! can be found here.


A booklist is provided to students in the later part of the year outlining the workbook and stationery requirements for the following year. Staff are encouraged to keep the final cost to a minimum, however it is essential that your child has all the materials listed on the booklist ready for the start of the new school year.

Parents have a variety of methods available for the pick-up of book orders, either through direct delivery (which incurs a small fee), nominated pick up location, or through in store shopping.

Kindy Booklist 2020

PP Booklist 2020

Y1 Booklst 2020

Y2 Booklist 2020

Y3 Booklist 2020

Y4 Booklist 2020

Y5 Booklst 2020

Y6 Booklist 2020