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The Department of Education’s School of Instrumental Music (SIM) services over 400 primary and secondary Western Australian Government schools. Kardinya Primary is fortunate to have SIM staff give our students the opportunity to learn:

  • Classical Guitar
  • Clarinet
  • Trombone
  • Trumpet
  • Flute

These lessons are conducted once a week, for  minutes, during school hours, on school site. Group size is usually no more than five students per lesson. The school celebrates your child’s progress at performances at school assemblies and functions.

Kardinya Primary is involved in the Instrumental Music Schools Services (SIMS) program and offers tuition in Flute, Clarinet, Brass and Classical Guitar. These lessons are conducted once a week for 30 minutes in small groups, and provide excellent pathways towards continuing music studies at a secondary school and tertiary level.

The SIMS program is aimed at selected students who show keen interest, an aptitude in music, and who are prepared to make an ongoing commitment to the program. Opportunities are given to students to perform at school assemblies, special events and lunchtime concerts. More information about the IMSS program can be found on the School of Instrumental Music website or the Department of Education Instrumental Music School.

Classroom Music

A developmental music program is offered to Year 1 – 6 students once a week where students are actively involved in many different enriching musical experiences through singing, movement, instrumentation, composition, listening and performances. They learn to play a variety of instruments which include djembe drums, recorder, ukulele, xylophones, metallophones and various classroom percussion instruments that are introduced to students at various levels. In addition, students learn about music culture and history during these lessons.

School Choir

Students in Years 4 – 6 are given the opportunity to participate in the School Choir.

The Choir rehearses once a week before school and learn a variety of repertoire and develop vocal technique. They regularly perform at school assemblies and special events. In previous years, the choir has performed at the West Australian Government Schools Music Society (WAGSMS) concert series, the local retirement village and various festivals within the community.

Lunchtime Concerts

Lunchtime Concerts are held once a term where individuals or groups have the opportunity to showcase their musical talent (singing, dancing, playing an instrument) to an audience and receive wonderful acknowledgement from their peers, parents and staff.

Music Incursions

A music incursion is planned each year for the whole school from various music artists/professional musicians to expose our students to a wide range of musical styles. Students furthermore participate and engage with the very best musicians from around the country. These programs aim to inspire, educate and enrich the lives of our students.